Max Sokolinski has started a trio made of Daphne Derieux on harp - Teacher at the Paris Conservatoire,she  also studied jazz & Eastern music-, Ben McConnel on the drums -who used to play in Beach House as well as with Jean BenoĆ®t Dunkel,half of the legendary French duo Air- and himself on Bass.
The idea is to break codes and to mix the beauty of Classical music, the elegance and the freedom of Jazz, and the energy of  Rock music.
Every show is bespoke, with every piece of music created solely for the event.
So far, the band has performed in France, Belgium and Australia for brands such as Gucci, Zadig & Voltaire, Alexis Mabille, Etihad and Ellery. (David Yurman) (Zadig & voltaire) (Alexis Mabille) (Gucci) (Ellery) (Soundtrack for Ellery's Fashion show)


For more intimate situations, Max also plays guitar solo,  creating tracking a soundtrack with his pedals that suit the athomosphere .

He has performed for brands such as Sretsis, Le modist, Ellery, and MAM. (boutique opening in sydney- jazz guitar) (Ellery's showroom- laid back slide guitar at ) (art performance by Bianca Lee Vasquez- Dreamy and etherial) (Ellery's showroom- surf guitar)


Max also DJ for brands such as Paco Rabanne, Gucci, Courreges and Forbes. His goal is to offer something upbeat and elegant, while remaining sharp and original.


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