Max Sokolinski has started a harp, bass & drum trio whose idea is to break the codes of luxury by mixing the elegance of Classical music, the freedom of Jazz, and the energy of Rock music.

Every show is bespoke, the music created solely for the event. (
Alexis Mabille)
(Gucci) (David Yurman) (Zadig & Voltaire) Perotin) (Dinh Van - duo setting with drum machines) (Ellery Fashion show)



For more intimate situations, Max plays guitar solo, creating tracking a live soundtrack with his pedals that suit the atmosphere. (AMI boat party) (Roger& Gallet)
(ELLERY, Sydney)
(Hotel Tropical Saint Barth) (Soho House, guest: Hugo Comte) (Ellery) (art performance,musé Delacroix)

It is possible to add drums for more dynamic:  (Rolex) (Serpent à plume)

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He has performed as a DJ for the most prestigious brands in Paris, Los Angeles, Kiev, and Saint Barth etc...
His eclectic style mixes effortlessly genre and references and offers a journey that is both upbeat, elegant and unique. (Lacoste)
(F.U.L.L Kiev) Rabanne) (Gucci) (Lanvin) (Marc Jacobs) (Miu Miu)


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